log28 (beta)

log28 is a simple no-frills period tracker for Android

log28 is in beta. There may be bugs


Track Your Cycle

Keep track of your symptoms, mental state, exercise and sexual activity. You can also write notes.

Predict Future Periods

Easily know how many days until your next period, and see predictions clearly on a calendar

Cycle History And Averages

See a list of your logged cycles along with your average period and cycle length.


We made log28 because we weren't happy with the existing period trackers for Android. They were all either too frilly and pink or just didn't have the features we wanted. There's no company or startup behind log28 it's just us working in our free time.

log28 is open source, meaning that anyone can add features or fix bugs. If you would like to help out, the source code is available on Github.